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Paywho Card Terms

This Card Terms is to be read together with our Terms and Conditions and our Private Data Policy. The Card Terms, The Paywho terms and conditions and our Private Data Policy, including any additional terms are incorporated into our agreement. Please read these terms and conditions carefully. If you do not agree with any of the terms, please do not use the Card. If you disagree with us, have any suggestions or feedback, kindly contact us at

1. The Card

Paywho Pte Ltd (Paywho, we, our) is the issuer of the Paywho Card (The Card)

1.1. By applying and using the Card you agree to be bound by these additional terms to the User Agreement because you are deemed to have read, understood and accepted each and every term.

1.2. The Card can be used online, offline or via a mobile device. Withdrawal of cash at ATMs is only supported outside of Singapore where MasterCard is accepted. The Card is not a guarantee Card, Charge Card or Credit Card.

1.3. On receipt of your application for the card, we would perform the necessary due processes, then post the to you Card by ordinary post to the address given by you during your registration. We cannot be responsible for the Card once it is posted.

1.4. Once you have received the Card, you must sign on the back of the Card immediately. You will need to use the Paywho App to activate the Card. Activation guides are given within our app or through our website.

2. Card Limits

2.1. At any one time you can store up to a maximum of SGD 5,000 and up to SGD 30,000 per year.

2.2. If you store more than the amount indicated in 2.1 you would not be able to top up your Card.

2.3. Acceptance of your Card may be declined for some transactions, these are, but not limited to:

2.3.1. Cash transactions (other than overseas ATM withdrawals), like money exchange, cashier’s orders, money orders;

2.3.2. Transactions at self-service petrol pumps

2.3.3. Pre-authorized regular payments

3. Topping-up your Card

Your Card and the Paywho account are interlinked. You can top up your account by using any of our topping up methods. Reference can be made to 14.1-14.5 of our Paywho Terms and Conditions on how to do this.

4. Your Liability and Responsibility

You agree to:

4.1. ensure that you comply with all the terms governing the Card.

4.2. Be liable to any loss suffered as a result of non-compliance with all or any of the additional terms.

4.3. You must:

4.3.1 Not use the Card for any transactions that would cause your Card to exceed the available fund in your account or the limit that was set by Paywho for your account as indicated in 2.1.

4.3.2. Not use the Card to partake in any unlawful activities such as unlicensed betting or purchase of illegal goods or services whether locally or internationally.

4.3.3. Attempt to use the Card after you close your Paywho Account, cancelled the use of the Card or we withdraw the use of your Card or Account.

4.3.4. Co-operate with us in connection with any investigation or litigation with the use of the Card. You also agree to supply us with the necessary information or documents concerning the use of your Card, when the need arises.

5. Security

5.1. When you receive our Card, you must sign it immediately.

5.2. You have to keep the Card PIN secret and confidential at all times.

5.3. Keep your PIN safe and prevent fraudulent or unauthorized access to or use of your Card by:

5.3.1. memorising the PIN, do not write it down or record it anywhere,

5.3.2. not telling anyone your PIN or letting anyone find out.

5.3.3. Select a PIN that cannot be easily guessed and do not choose one that you have used before.

5.3.4. Changing your PIN regularly

5.3.5. Check your transactions history regularly to detect for irregularities.

5.3.6. If your Card is lost or you suspect that your Card has been fraudulently used or if your PIN has been compromised, you are required to freeze your Card in the Paywho App and inform us immediately. You can then continue to order for a replacement Card.

5.4. If your Card has been used without your permission or has been used fraudulently you can go to the Paywho app and apply for a charge-back and we would forward the case to the Card Scheme Owner (MasterCard). MasterCard will investigate your compliant with the relevant merchant.

5.5. Depending on the results of the investigation, if you are due for a refund, we will credit your account when we receive the money from the relevant party.

5.6. We advise that you report to the relevant law enforcement agencies if your Card is fraudulently used, used without your permission, lost or stolen and provide them with relevant information.

6. Foreign Currency

6.1. The Paywho Card allows you to store different pockets of currencies. You can pre-fund the currency you required by doing the exchange in the Paywho app at attractive rates.

6.2. If you are making payment or withdrawal from an overseas ATM, with a currency available in your account, payment will be made from that relevant pocket. If the currency for the payment that you are going to make is unavailable in your account, you can convert the currency prior to making payment. Otherwise, we would convert the amount from your balance in your account based on our prevailing rate. As we do not support all currencies, if you are making payment with a currency that we do not support, we will convert the amount at the prevailing MasterCard rate.

7. Refunds

7.1. You may have paid a merchant using the Card and have requested for a full or a partial refund. This arrangement is between you and the relevant merchant and you may be bound by the merchant’s sales terms. We bear no responsibility for their decision.

7.2. If you are due for a refund and if we receive it in a currency that we support, we would credit your account. If it is in a currency that we do not support, we will convert it based on MasterCard’s prevailing rate before crediting your account.

8. Revocation

8.1. By using your Card, you are giving your consent and authorization for a transaction. This cannot be withdrawn once we have received it.

8.2. If you have given your consent to a merchant for a pre-paid product or service, revocation is subject to the terms of the merchant.

9. Card Expiry

9.1. We would send you a notification via email and App 28 days before the expiry of your Card, and a new card will be issued to you when you click on the renew button.

9.2. If you do not renew, the Card will be disabled from use on the expiry date.

9.3. When your Card expires, the balance in your Card will still be available in your Paywho account and can be used for other services via other methods of payment.

10. ATM Withdrawal

For international ATM withdrawals, there may be a withdrawal fee. The Fees are charged by the banks or ATM owners which we do not have control over.

11. Card Termination

We may terminate the Card and all its services without giving you any prior notice if:

11.1 You breach the conditions of the Additional Card terms

11.2 The transaction activities of the Card were not operated in a normal manner

11.3 You have provided inaccurate, untrue, incomplete or misleading information

11.4 You become insolvent, bankrupt or subject to judicial proceedings

11.5 It is necessary to do so to meet with our legal and/or regulatory obligations

11.6 You may terminate the Card anytime by contacting us at:

12. Suspension/Termination

We reserve the right to suspend any transaction and then reverse it later when we believe that the transaction may be unauthorized, fraudulent or that you have breach this additional term or the User Agreement.

13. Exclusion of Liability

We are held harmless and not liable:

13.1. For the refusal of any financial institution or other party to accept the Card;

13.2. For any defect, quality or performance with the product or service supplied by any merchant which you paid using the Card.

13.3. For any loss you may incur in connection with the use of the Card howsoever arising, including loss from:

13.3.1: Any forgery of your signature or unauthorized use of your Card or PIN.

13.3.2. Unavailability or proper functioning of any service

13.3.3. Any computer breakdown, interference, sabotage or any other causes which may interfere with any of our services or any malfunction due to any reasons whatsoever of computer software or equipment whether belonging to us or not.


The Card – A co-branded card issued by Paywho under the Mastercard Payment Scheme.

Merchant – A merchant is a business entity with online or physical outlet or both where Mastercard is accepted.

New Card – When a Card has been active 2 weeks prior to expiry and the user wishes to renew the Card, we would issue a New Card.

Replacement Card – A Replacement Card is issued after the Card holder requests for one when the original Card has been inactive for more than 2 months or has been lost.